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Inbound marketing means a strategy of attracting the customers using content. Inbound marketing has an ability to change the person who is not your customer to one. Inbound marketing prepares valuable content to pull the attention of the people with the aim to make customers buy the product or to capture their attention. Inbound marketing is relatively inexpensive comparing to outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is an effective marketing tool and is long lasting as it is also promoted through social media. They are different platforms in inbound marketing. Inbound marketing platforms can increase the traffic to the websites.

Inbound marketing integrated platforms: SEO, social media, marketing automations, blogging, landing pages, email, etc.

Inbound Marketing Methodology: Attracting consumers: Attracting the consumers is the first stage in inbound marketing. User’s blogging, query building, SEO strategies and quality content are used to gain traffic and convert them to visitors. Converts visitors to leads: Converting visitors into leads is the second step. A businesses need basic information of customer to change them from visitors to leads. Customers can be compelled to disclose information as long as they get something in return.
Close: This is the third and a critical step in inbound. Closing leads and transforming them to customers is difficult and long term process.
Delight: The delight is the last step of inbound methodology. It’s important to interact with the customers even after they have conducted business. A old customer is always better than two new ones.
Promoters: It is possibly the best source of advertisers as they are built organically from customer base. Every businesses needs to create the key practices that convey them to stage. Inbound marketing funnel:
Branded content: Content is the last creative opportunity for marketing. Connected content fuels inbound marketing by engaging customers with their site. Content is the way to develop a strong presence in search engine.
Exploration: Promote and publish your content. Draw people’s attention to content initially with catchy headline and description on both organic and ad results and allow sharing of online content. Decision making: Content needs to inspirational, useful and relevant.
Purchase: Capitalize on remarketing and email automation to ensure relevance at buyer stage and drive repeat sales.
Advocacy: Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referral.


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