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SEM stands for search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is a way of promoting websites through internet by increasing visibility on search engine. It gains websites traffic by buying ads on various platforms including search engine, display network, social network. SEM is a paid search. More money - more traffic - more conversions. It is an internet marketing associated with submitting, researching and positioning of websites. SEM is a combination of pay per click ad and search engine optimization. Search engine marketing begins after quality content of website has been published. SEM also uses search engine results page to reach audience. It’s easy to monitor the data points and performance through Google AdWords.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing SEM can increase brand awareness. It can sell products and services and can generate online leads and increase sales. It can provide educational and informative content. SEM is influenced by budget. It is cost dependent on the competition. While SEO results are populated using page rank, SEM results are populated using Ad Rank. Search engine marketing is low in price compared to offline ads including print media. Search engine marketing is a dynamic form of advertising and is flexible according to factors such as user behavior, location, language, among others.

Benefits of SEM:-
Low price: Search engine marketing is low in price compared to offline ads and print media. Advertiser pays only for results. Constant advertising: Search engine marketing is a constant advertising as it’s an online advertising it runs all the time. Targeted customers: When it comes to finding targeted audience search engine optimization is best. Being top of the google page means attracting customers with products and services.

Career opportunities:
➢ SEO analyst
➢ SEO strategist
➢ Analytics manager
➢ Campaign managers
➢ Digital marketing solutions


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